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zero emission - zero compromise

ionysis develops components for zero-emission fuel cells in heavy duty mobility and electrolyzers for green hydrogen production.

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fuel cells and electrolyzers

Despite their small number compared to cars, heavy-duty vehicles cause half of the CO₂ emissions in road traffic - emission that can be eliminated by hydrogen fuel cells. Furthermore, fuel cells are the technology of choice for heavy-duty applications like ships, planes or trains. 

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Electrolyzers will produce large amounts of green hydrogen using renewable energy. The hydrogen can then be used to power fuel cell trucks or produce emission-free steel or fertilizer.

A polymer membrane with  electrodes is the heart of both technologies. Here is were the magic happens, either storing electricity by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen or recovering that energy by reversing the process.

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our solution

The membrane electrode assembly (MEA) comprises more than 40 different materials and steps - one single change can make the difference. ionysis has all key competences to integrate latest material developments into your MEA  with a strong focus on eco-friendly PFAS-free materials.

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High complexity requires profound knowledge and high quality standards. As a university spin-off company based in Baden-Württemberg – the heart of Germanys automotive and automatization industry, we combine scientific excellence with highest standards in advanced manufacturing. 

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Our diverse team of engineers, physicsists, chemists and material scientists is eager to solve your electrochemical challenge

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