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ionysis signs second major technology development contract with German industry partner

Oct 9, 2023

ionysis signs a second major technology development contract with a German industry partner. With this, ionysis surpasses 1 million euro in contract volume since the operational start in september 2022.

Freiburg, 5th october 2023. Freiburg-based start-up ionysis GmbH has been awarded its second development contract worth a medium, six-figure sum. In the order from one of the leading players in German industry in the field of hydrogen technology, novel materials will be integrated and optimized in catalyst-coated membranes. The target application are fuel cells for the use in heavy-duty transportation. The focus of the project is on the one hand on performance optimization for demanding heavy-duty operation, and on the other hand on scaling CCM technology with early stage materials up to full scale.   "We are really pleased that after only 12 months we were able to acquire our second substantial industrial order," says Lisa Langer, CFO and Co-Managing Director. "The order has great strategic value for us. In particular, the rapid scaling of new CCM compositions to full-format size is an important competence for the development of our young company", says Dr. Matthias Breitwieser, CTO and Co-Managing Director of ionysis. 


ionysis GmbH develops highly efficient, emission-free and sustainable membrane electrode assemblies, the key performance-deciding components of fuel cells. ionysis unique value proposition is the significantly reduced content of perfluorinated substances - a problematic component that is increasingly being banned worldwide due to its environmental impact. The aim is to further develop novel, environmentally friendly membrane electrode assemblies and to demonstrate their technical feasibility on a large scale. On September 1, 2022, ionysis started operations with a team of eight people and will have  doubled by mid-2023. The foundation for the spin-off from Hahn-Schickard and University of Freiburg was laid within the framework of several publicly funded research projects. The company secured seed financing by two strategic partners.   


Lisa Langer (CFO): Tel: +49 152 530 937 90;  

Dr. Matthias Breitwieser (CTO): Tel: +49 152 080 500 35;  

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